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Regarding new NBBB permit application!

See FoHH letter regarding this latest NBBB permit action. Click the Nichols Bros. link, left column.


In a new permit application package, NBBB requests permission to expand their production area, increase their work week to 24/7, and extend work hours from 7 pm to 10 pm so they can continue with noise-producing manufacturing activities.

Nichols also wants variances for exceeding Island County's height restriction for portable manufacturing buildings ("Big Tops"), and they appear to offer questionable noise abatement solutions.

Most important, their permit package seems to be missing information about a future alternate launch system designed to support their production facility! (NBBB withdrew their Master Permit Application when they last attempted expansion in 2004, which also required an EIS. Their withdrawal, thus reset the whole permitting process.


(Please click on Nichols Link (left sidebar) for additional information and how you can help!)

Friends of Holmes Harbor (fohh) is
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FOHH was established in 2005 by community members living near the south end of Holmes Harbor in response to accelerating growth. Residents had become alarmed by the proposed major expansion of Nichols Brothers Boat Builders, Inc. (NBBBI), announced in late 2004.

Yet growth is also evident in the residential community, driven by the lovely scenery, the casual, outdoor lifestyle, and more affordable housing. People come to work and raise a family, others to start a business or retire. Some have been here for generations.

Unnoticed at first, then more evident in this decade, growth has brought change. But with what impact? Is it sustainable? Is it "smart?" How is it responded to by County and State agencies? Do residents care? These are some of the issues we've sought answers to--answers we will share with our readers.

Some projects currently being examined include:

  • Holmes Harbor Water Quality
  • Proposed expansion of Nichols Brothers Boatyard, Inc. (NBBBI) at the south end of Holmes Harbor
  • Proposed Boat Moorage at Holmes Harbor Golf Course
  • Evolution of Freeland Park and Nearby Streets (Link to be added soon.)

(Please click on the links in the left column for more information about each project.) Friends of Holmes Harbor will facilitate community discussion about the ongoing health and safety of Holmes Harbor and between our community and Federal, State, and local agencies and/or businesses.
We will post:

  • Proposed changes affecting the community;
  • Government agency responses to issues or proposed changes to codes
  • Summaries of issues and FOHH concerns based on our research and wide-ranging discussions  

Available to everyone, these documents will, hopefully, further understanding of issues and aid in decision-making. Friends of Holmes Harbor needs and welcomes your participation, thoughts, and action--and your financial contribution.

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